Service offering

We offer you more then a pure visualization, we offer to place your architectural object into a landscape, e.g. at the place where it is going to be build. Furthermore we can prepare the necessary praesentation material for your visualized architectural object.

The visualization of the planned object on the construction sign or in the synopsis is important - it is your "business card at the construction site" and therefore a natural and necessary way of advertizemend. The public will be informed directly at the construction site about your project and you as construction company through a meaningful visualization of the planned construction. The image size on a construction sign, respectively the visualized image, is only limited by the construction sign. Modern digital image printing makes it possible. The important factor is the resolution of the image file (more then 300 dpi).

Impress and convince customers, partners and investors with realistic visualizations of your architectural object. In this way you can present your ideas, products and services in a optimal way. For this we deliver high resolution still images in print ready formates, on CD or DVD.

We play your visualization to the gallery

You will be supported by our service independent in which media or format you need your visualization. We can deliver the visualization in nearly all file formats, included into a synopsis or as construction sign. We support you in your selling process.

The visualization of a project takes part in several steps. Based on construction plans like CAD drawings or architecture plans we create the necessary 3D models. For the rendering we use a specialised tool. We do the selection of materials, camera position and lights in close cooperation with you.

A proper visualization together with the original surrounding will deliver a highly realistic image

some possible formats for the delivery of the visualization: